July 7th, 2009

Trend Alert-Florals

House Beautiful is one of my favorite home magazines (esp. now that it’s one of the few left!), and I always tune in to their “Trend Alerts”.


Hmmm. Florals, you say? Well, it just so happens that we are releasing our latest stencil patterns this week and there are LOTS of florals in the bunch. I just love staying ahead of the trends…..


Blossoming Allover Stencil


Flower Patch Stencil


Kimono Allover Stencil


Berry Romantic Stencil


Butterfly and Peony Stencil

I’m having so much fun creating new finishes with these to debut at the IDAL convention in 2 weeks! You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much-SORRY! All these and more now available through Royal Design Studio here.

I’ve also been playing with our new Facebook Fan Page, posting lots of photos and “insider” info. Become a “fan” of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs here http://bit.ly/MQoWI

BTW, if you’re “in the trade”, meaning a professional decorative painter or interior designer, we are now offering a Trade Discount on stencils of 20%. Email sales(at)royaldesignstudio.com for details!

7 Responses to “Trend Alert-Florals”

  1. gerri newfry Says:

    where do you buy such beautiful stencils?

  2. Melanie Says:

    At my website! The link is above, but here is it again. http://www.royaldesignstudio.com. These our in “Our Latest Stencil Designs” under the stencil drop-down menu…Thanks!!

  3. grace wieber Says:

    Love “flower patch”. You are right on the money as usual.

  4. Melanie Says:

    Thanks Grace, now if I could just get “in” the money….:)

  5. heather bruno sears Says:

    Wonderful new collection Melanie…sweet, sophisticated, and refreshing designs! Thanks a bunch for extending the trade discount to the stencil line. Best wishes for a stellar show at IDAL…can’t wait to order your new recipes!

  6. petra voegtle Says:

    Hi Melanie,
    love your new stencils and I love floral designs.
    Maybe you don’t know my other blog – Blooms and Blossoms on http://vyala.blogspot.com – may this be of interest for you – at least for some additional inspiration????
    Warm greetings, Petra

  7. Melanie Says:

    Thanks Heather and Petra. Beautiful floral photos on your blog, Petra! Heather, I wish you were going to the convention :(