June 17th, 2009

Indian Summer

I’ve been loving Les Indiennes for a long time, but think that the look of their fresh block printed fabrics is especially appropriate for summertime. Owner Mary Mulcahy has simplified the beautiful and organic motifs that are traditionally used in Indian decoration and printed them in limited color palettes on fabric and paper.



I love the fact that the company now provided fair trade employment for over 50 families in India…



I also love (and covet) their amazing flip book. It is beautifully arranged and designed and puts all the patterns and products into a very cozy context.


PS I just discovered a very “readable” new blog. You may want to check it out. Thank You For Asking: A woman starring in her own movie that no one is watching. Be sure to start with the beginning post. I think I’m hooked on this “novel” novel!

4 Responses to “Indian Summer”

  1. grace wieber Says:

    yes, where do you come up with these finds. I adore anything blue and white. Thanks :)

  2. Bonnie May Says:

    Melanie you are killing me. Just when I found Gypsy Girl, Rosie Posey, Mariam and now you come across with this latest blog to follow, (it’s the funniest ever) I’m definately getting nothing done daily here except fill my mind with lots of new and exciting decorating ideas (my guest room and well, all other rooms here need lots of fun touches), my only salvation is Bob is at the golf course selling hot dogs, heh, heh, no really! most days this summer and it gives me guilt free time (between painting a few custom jobs, – not too many -) to get lost in all these great blogs. How lucky for me I met you through my travels with Gary! Life is grand! Thanks for my happy summer days. :) Bon

  3. Melanie Says:

    Well Grace, lots of time “wasted” browsing the internet is all it takes! Bonnie, happy to drag you along with me. Missed you in Italy!

  4. Jackie Von Tobel Says:

    Have always loved this company. Their fabrics are lovely but soooo expensive! One can always dream!