June 2nd, 2009

I think I thought this.

When I was writing the previous post about Debbie Hayes and her work I typed in “you can see more of Debbie’s work here and here” thinking that I had already posted some other photos that Debbie has sent me. Well, lo and behold, they were never blogged! More proof that just thinking about doing something doesn’t make it happen, LOL. So, here now is what I thought I had done before but only really thought I had done. Follow???


Debbie, and her very lovely interior designer friend Sandra Barron, have actually been on a couple of painting trips abroad with me. The first was a trip to the South of France that involved some medieval church stenciling renovation led by a Parisian artist. Debbie and Sandra were inspired by that experience to create this unique ceiling treatment for Sandra’s bedroom.


They also were on the May 2008 trip to Marrakech where we did this very graphic ceiling treatment based on an antique textile in one of the guest rooms at Maryam’s Peacock Pavilions. Debbie and Sandra reinterpreted that design on a slightly smaller scale in this dramatic powder bath.



Above are some photos of Debbie’s very cool studio in Greensboro, NC where she’s used Royal Design Studio stencils and Modello masking pattern typography. Speaking of trips to Marrakech, I have just received a pdf of an article that I wrote for the Artisphere (a trade magazine) on our most recent trip there in January 2009. If you would like to relive that experience with me (sigh!) you can find the article here.

3 Responses to “I think I thought this.”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I have always admired your work Debbie.

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Debbie, Yor work is beautiful. Thanks Melanie for posting it.What a blessing for you to be able to go on all the trips you have with such a greatly talented group of people!!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Don’t think I don’t know and appreciate it, Jan!