May 15th, 2009

Vatican Museum. Wow.

Ciao! I’ve just returned from my 2 week trip to Italia. It was FABULOUS, thank you! I’m still getting my “back to reality” legs under me and it’s taking quite a bit of time to sort through photos (and here I felt like I was hardly taking ANY). While I plug away on THAT I thought I could at least quickly share some of my favorite shots from the Vatican Museum. While this was my 4th trip to Rome, this was my first trip to Vatican City (it’s its own state, you know). Three words come to mind: jaw dropping art.  You could point and shot your camera aimlessly and still always capture something amazing. Well, at least if it wasn’t full of tourists rushing about….


Trompe L’oeil Drapery. Yeah, it’s cool. This was hiding behind a door.


Proof that Roman’s had foot fetishes.


Grape vines. Always a classic.



Trompe l’oel ceiling panels. These are really flat surfaces. There were so many of these they almost started to feel “ordinary”. Almost.


A bronzed Ceasar. On his way to the shower, I think.


Just your average carved wood shutter.


Faces frozen in time.

We did this tour on our last day. Frankly, I was exhausted but LOVED it. Since I threw a coin over my shoulder at the Trevi Fountain I guess I’ll get to go back to Rome. It’s hard to resist….

5 Responses to “Vatican Museum. Wow.”

  1. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. Caesar going to the shower!!Funny!Maybe you could post some more on Flykr(sp)??

  2. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I just loved Italy. Can’t wait to go back soon. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  3. gary lord Says:

    The all day tour to the Vatican and the Museum Bourghese with Barbara was certainly a highlight in Rome for me.

  4. debi rye Says:

    Melanie you summed up the vatican best – jaw dropping. Absolutely the most exquisite art I have ever seen! I am so glad I went on the tour. Great pics! Debi

  5. Susan Allemand Says:

    Beautiful pictures~Looks like you all had alot of fun!