March 17th, 2009

Just My Type

One of the projects that I worked hard on but didn’t get to do in Marrakech was some artful typography that was designed for some poolside lounge chairs. Not being one to let some good work go to waste, we’ve now added a Typography area to our Modello website Design Library. Some of the typography panels just happen to be perfectly sized for our interior doors here….



These are the two bathroom doors off our main “Gallery” hallway, the one where the painted ceilings are. We painted them in colors to match, and, not only do the individual doors look great but they really tie this space together! I’ve never been into the painted quotes on a wall so much, but am very excited about playing with and creating more interesting typography applications for interiors. Sigh. So many ideas, so little time……

7 Responses to “Just My Type”

  1. Barb Skivington Says:

    OMG – I absolutely love these. I’m already looking around the studio for a place (door!) or more where I can put these. As always, Melanie, you stir my creative juices and startle my imagination. Thanks.

  2. Carol Says:

    Oh leave it to you Melanie to once again solve my design dilemmas! In my own hallway, I have been wanting to put a quote on each of the 3 doors and have been searching for just the right quotes. I love everything about these: the fonts, the layout, the quotes! hmmmm… now to narrow it down!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Well, THIS is encouraging, LOL! Of course, the quotes aren’t mine…actually, they were selected by Maryam. They would have looked so awewome in white on her candy apple red chairs…..

  4. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    What a fun, clever effect…a door that makes you stop and think before you ‘open’ it.
    Dr. Suess is one of my child-hood heroes…I saw a gallery exhibit of his ‘adult themed’ work at a gallery in La Joya, CA…it was too cool for words.
    Also, having greatly admired your gallery hallway at Modello Designs in person…the door quotes are a nice final touch to the layering of fascinating finishes you have applied to the walls, floors, and ceilings in this space.

  5. kim longo Says:

    I’m staring at my Roc-Lon, and after seeing the Skimstone ceiling tiles, I can’t decide which project to begin with first. All are soooooooo inspirational.
    Did you to use the Skimstone Primer first for the Skimstone tiles. For the other “wall gallery” Roc-Lon cavases, did you vary your primer depending on the subsequent layers or stick with one?
    I still think you should install a day bed on wheels, so you can just roll around, take a nap, and wake up looking at the walls and ceilings!

  6. Melanie Says:

    Kim-the beauty of the RocLon canvas is that you can paint or use SkimStone right over it with no primer. I did use Setcoat over the ones I painted, though, mainly to fill in some of the texture of the canvas or to get the color down first. Thanks for the compliments!

  7. Donnette Zona Libre Says:

    Bookmarked Thank you for sharing. Definitely worth the time away from my coursework.