March 15th, 2009


I’ve lately been MIA while teaching and working like mad to get the studio ready for an event this weekend….PLUS, I finally had my version of WordPress updated after 4 years and trying to figure out the new bells and whistles. OK, the truth is I didn’t WANT to have to figure it out so have been avoiding it. I can see that they’ve made some improvements, but it seems a lot more complicated. Maybe it’s just my overloaded, befuddled brain….Meanwhile, our local IDAL painting chapter Artisans by the Sea has taken up cow painting (not to be confused with cow tipping).  You see, they are participating in a Cow Parade, the world’s largest public art project.



My friend and fellow Morocco traveler, Vicki Shultz, designed the cow based on a, ta da, Moroccan theme. Cowsablanca. Get it? :) . She’s been guiding some of the women in the group to get the cow ready for it’s big debut. They used some of our new Moroccan Modello patterns for the patchwork pattern, so I stopped by to see how it was going and admire all the other cow cuties…..


LOVE the matador cow!


and this pretty face…


the “tribal” cow…


these colorful snouts….


and these hot legs. I’m waiting for the final photos of the Cowsablanca cow with her “jewelry” on to post that. The Moroccan-inspired Modellos that were used are available here on the Modello Designs website. The mylar stencil versions are now available at Royal Design Studio. Cow not included.

11 Responses to “Cowsablanca”

  1. Karen Jorgenson Says:

    Vicki Rocks!

  2. Carol Says:

    Great to see you back, Melanie! I did a cow, “Cowleen”, the Dictionary Cow a few years ago when Cow Parade was here in Boston. They are a lot of fun to do and it’s such a great fundraising event. Stenciling on such an irregular surface is quite the challenge as I am sure Vicki is finding out! The group will see how hard it is to give up the cow once it’s time to put her out on the street and then up for auction! You get quite protective and attached to these big fiberglass cows! :-)

  3. ~gwen Says:

    I keep telling Vickie that you need to put a tray of candles on her head. They are all lovely!!

  4. Les Says:

    Beautiful painting-reminds me of the Painted Pony project a few years back do you know it? Les

  5. Vicki Schultz Says:

    Wow,thanks Melanie! It was a great experience. Our cow turned out beautifully. We couldn’t have done it without the Modellos. A lot of people said it’s one of the best and they expect it to do pretty well at auction.

  6. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Holy Cow Ladies!!! What a riot…how fun and beautiful…and very cool. The Morocco adventure definately seeped into our creative spirit. I’ll never look at a ceiling, door, floor, or cow the same again…everything has “extra-ordinary” potential. How beautiful can ‘things’ possibly be?! I’m sure your cow will be a huge hit at auction…congrats!

  7. Rebecca Hotop Says:

    Melanie, I was getting worried about you since you hadn’t blogged in so long! I thought maybe the Moroccan cold just did you in! The cows are beautiful. Anyone else going to convention?? R–

  8. Melanie Says:

    No- just been working on some VERY LARGE projects around here. AND, it’s so amazing how quickly weeks can go by without me noticing….

  9. Melanie Says:

    But do you think that she could clap her feet at the same time?????

  10. ~gwen Says:

    LOL!!!! I think she could. :)

  11. Lesley Cangialosi Says:

    Beautiful…our Cattlemans Ball here in Orlando had a deocrated cow auction a few years back. Lots of fun!