February 3rd, 2009

Go Forth and Multiply

It’s amazing how a little design idea can snowball into something bigger, especially in one’s own head. Maryam had suggested a stair riser project similar to the one that we did last May in the 3 bedroom quest house (which I will share next…..). “If you could just do three different patterns and we could alternate them it would be great”, she said. I think she knows me too well by now! Of course three patterns simply wouldn’t do, as I told you here.

Moroccan Stencils Royal Design

How about 22 patterns, one unique for each stair riser? Well….OK! So, the paint-covered, used stencils piled up….

Moroccan Stencils Royal Design

…..as the ladies (here Heather and Margaret) took their time stenciling by a roaring fire to make sure that each was perfect….

Moroccan Stencils Royal Design

….and they are….

Moroccan Stencils Royal Design

….filling up a large dining table and waiting for Chris to CAREFULLY install them on the wooden staircase he has built.

Cottage Living Stair Risers

I imagine that they will look something like this photo from Cottage Living, which shows black and white patterns done on riser with tile. Most of these stencil patterns will be available shortly through Royal Design Studio (some in larger scales), and they will be equally lovely done in the classic bright tile colors of Morocco. 

6 Responses to “Go Forth and Multiply”

  1. grace wieber Says:

    I hope you and your crew have the best year ever ! You can never get enough praise and good wishes, Melanie and Company. Well done !

  2. Carol Says:

    I love the variety of patterns, all in black and white! While I have no stairs myself in my home, I am eyeing a nice flight in my brother’s home that I may just have to practice on…. Love seeing everyone’s hard work and wonderful results from your latest trip. You should all be quite proud of yourselves for your over-the-top, creative talents!

  3. http://b-living.blogspot.com Says:

    Wow, it looks great! I was wondering what the name of the stencil on the top of the “pile” in the third pic is called? It looks like a Moorish/Arabic pattern with a star in the middle. :)

  4. Laini Taylor Says:

    oh my gosh! Can’t wait to see the finished stairs. And more! Must see more pictures — you and Maryam aren’t posting them quickly enough for my vicarious satisfaction :-)

  5. kim longo Says:

    Melanie: Really cool. But you are bordering on cruelty now, until you have these patterns for sale. It’s just too much.

  6. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Totally awesome!! I can’t wait to order my own!! You two brainstorming together are dangerous!!! Just a beautiful job. I also just love the work that all the peacock designers did to bring your design of Rateau totally alive. Just stunning!!

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