February 2nd, 2009

Help! I’ve been sucked in!



So, I’ve been sucked into the facebook vortex and I can’t get out. All this social networking is beginning to feel like a social disease or just another addiction…..Would you like to join and be my friend so we can stay in touch 24/7 and then some??? LOL, kidding aside, it IS kind of fun. Here, precious……. 

3 Responses to “Help! I’ve been sucked in!”

  1. Fauxology Says:

    Ahh, wait until you hit the vortex that is Twitter! All the sites are fun, though — I agree. See you around! ;)

  2. Melanie Says:

    Seriously, I don’t think people want/need to know what I am going to eat for lunch and when I need to “go”. Holds fingers from two hands up in sign of a cross. Some parts of our lives should just be kept in the arena of “mystery”, I think!

  3. Fauxology Says:

    I def agree. How much is too much information? I think on the social sites that a company needs to keep in mind that it is for professional purposes — and most are great at keeping it that way. It’s a fine balance. The best thing is that they are a great way to establish new contacts and a brand can reach an ever evolving new audience. That said, I’m having breakfast for lunch…thought you’d want to know that, LOL!