December 24th, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

…..and to all a good day filled with presents (not too many-got to get the credit cards paid off), great food (not too much-got to watch the waistline), good drink (watch it!-got to drive) and family fun (insert your own family experience here-hopefully a good one!)

Modello Christmas Card

From the very merry team at Modello Designs and Royal Design Studio: Left to right/top to bottom Melanie, Eric, Heidi, Jerome, Lauren, Tony, Maynard, Jim, Theresa, Michelle and Natalie.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Karen for making us into a lovely Christmas card. Check out her brand new blog here.


One Response to “Merry Christmas to all”

  1. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Happy Holidays to my favorite source of inspiration….Great joy to you and all that you do at Modello Designs and Royal Design Studio!!