December 15th, 2008

Pattern as Texture


Modello Stencils Circles

Or maybe it’s texture as pattern?? Regardless, I’m loving these subtle, tactile circles I created recently for our OTHER long hallway (see below)! I had Gatorfoam cut into 4′ circles. Gatorfoam is really dense styrofoam that has a heavy paper coating on both sides. It is used alot for signage and display as it doesn’t warp, can be easily cut, and is super lightweight. I wanted to bring some circular shapes into this very linear space while also maintaining our logo colors as this is right off our main lobby.

Modello Stencils Circles

The patterns I chose are from our Modern Allover collection (ModAll 102, 103, 121), and to keep it subtle I used just slightly lighter/darker custom mixed shades of metallic plasters.

Modello Stencils Circles

You could use a similar idea just directly on the wall as well by first laying down a Modello pattern in a large circular shape and applying the plaster directly to the wall through it. Leave that in place while you lay down the allover pattern over it and trowel in another color. Remove both patterns at once and, viola, subtle patterned circles-or diamonds, or flowers, or butterflies, or whatever silhouette shape you choose.

Modello stencils circles 4.jpg

This photo shows that second color being applied through the pattern over the first basecoat. This could also be a cool idea done in stripes but would be most awesome done over a whole focal point wall, don’t you think?

4 Responses to “Pattern as Texture”

  1. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Beautiful job, Melanie!! What kind of plaster is that? Lusterstone? Or some other? I knew you were up to something!!

  2. Sherry Burns Says:

    Beautiful and so simple. Will the gatorfoam folks cut the circles for you? If not who did you have cut them. They are fantastic! Sherry

  3. Melanie Says:

    Thanks! Actually the local place where I got the gatorfoam didn’t cut it but recommend another local business that deals with plastic fabrication that could.

  4. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Melanis what type of plaster was that that you used on the wall and what color? Your sense of design and color balance is phenominal!!