August 13th, 2008

Tile with Style

If you ever want to get really excited and inspired about tiled surfaces, check out Walker Zanger. They have a beautiful online catalog to browse through, but I highly recommend ordering the printed one (new one coming out soon!). The interior photos are to die for, and their tile applications are highy varied and always gorgeous.

Walker Zanger.jpg

I especially love the patterned tiles, of course! In the Venezia series they use a waterjet process to carve in designs that are then hand colored….

walker zanger

or stained. You can use Modello patterns to achieve similar, custom effects on limestone and travertine tiles.

Modello Tile

These tile samples were done in my last Floor Focus class, using a combination of Modello Dye Stains and Stain and Seal colors. The patterns can be etched into the surface by mechanical means (sandblasting) or by a chemical etching process.

Modello Tile

They are then colored with the pattern still in place and/or given an allover toning. This pattern is from our Ornamental Tile series. I love how each one turns out completely differently as it takes on the natural characteristics of the individual stone tiles.

3 Responses to “Tile with Style”

  1. catherine Says:

    Melanie: How do you get that “outline” effect on the tiles? Thanks!

  2. Melanie Says:

    The “outline effect” I think you are seeing is from stenciling on the colors while the pattern is still in place. The color “takes” more around the edges of the pattern.

  3. Cat Says:

    Well that makes sense! Thanks

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