July 12th, 2008

Hot off the press!


Modello by Design book

The new book Modello by Design-Inspiring Interiors from Artist’s Portfolios is HERE! I’ve told you about it before-remember this?  And this? It is SOOOO beautiful and I am so proud of the work that our fabulous customers do and also need to give a special thanks to Lauren for helping me lay out this book in record time-under two weeks! I just finished writing a press release for an industry message board for the book, so I’ll be lazy and just repost it here- 

Modello Designs was launched in the fall of 2003, introducing the concept of Decorative Masking Patterns to the decorative finishing industry.  Since that time, thousands of decorative finishers worldwide have discovered the benefits of using custom-sized, cut to order vinyl masking patterns for their decorative painting projects.

The exciting and inspirational new book features the creative Modello work of 80 different artists in beautifully photographed interior settings.  Various chapters highlight the use of Modello patterns on floors, walls, ceilings and furniture. Special chapters highlight the body of work of three featured artists: Terri Reisenman of Palm Desert, CA., Robbie Calvo of Nashville, TN.,  and Gina Wolfrum of Hicksville, OH.  Their varied styles of decoration really help to highlight the many styles of surface ornamentation that can be more easily achieved with this versatile medium!

This book, the first in a series, will provide an invaluable resource of design ideas for decorative finishers, designers, and their potential customers alike. For an industry that revolves around a highly visual and tactile experience, it helps to fill the current void of inspiring images of painted decoration that used to be so common in books and magazines.

Modello by Design book

We mailed out complimentary, signed copies to all the 80 contributing artists this week. Yeah, that was tiring! Thank you, thank  you everyone! If you didn’t get a chance to submit a project for the book, you can buy it here, and…..there’s always next year!

3 Responses to “Hot off the press!”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Oh big congrats on the book!! Oh gosh I have got to get a copy…it looks wonderful! Signing 80 copies///Wow…major hand cramp there I bet! lol
    Again…congrats :)

  2. Melanie Says:

    Thanks! Yeah, and my penmanship leaves a LOT to be desired too!

  3. norman goodwin Says:

    I thought I had some photos put in there, but I will just have to get the book to see. Got my fingers crossed. I do not mind paying for it, especially if it helps support melanies company, but the whole complimentary thing would be nice. Is there a such a thing as a compensating a complimentary gift? hahaha