I picked up a most amazing tile book at the airport bookstore in Casablanca on the way home from Marrakech. I seem to have a grave weakness for very large, very heavy and very expensive books. SO worth it! There are already ideas in the air for future Morocco projects and collaborations and I am positively smitten and inspired by the follow gorgeousness. They say the blue is the big “new” color this year. Um, I think it’s been pretty hot for a few thousand years…..



3 Responses to “How much blue beauty can you stand?”

  1. julie Says:

    I can stand all the blue beauty you throw our way!

    Excellent trtip for you ladies to go paint the Peacock!


  2. julie Says:

    colbalt blue, my fav. color

  3. Barbara Says:

    You’ve lived my dream to experience the color and design of Morocco; all my Moroccan, Islamic design books wet the appetite.

    I want to recreate the look of Moroccan carved plaster. Am hoping that will be part of your future design plans.