June 2nd, 2008

Rhapsody in Blue



After a week in Marrakech, it was time to hit the beach and dip our toes in the chilly Atlantic Ocean, North Africa style. It’s a 2.5 hour drive of questionable auto safety on a busy two lane road to Essaouira and the coast, but well worth it once you arrive! We missed seeing GOATS IN TREES on this drive (Alas, I think goats in trees are currently out of season) but trust me, they do exist. Google proves it. 


Essaouira was once a fortified town, has fabulous shopping in a walled Medina area, and is all decked out in the most refreshing shades of blue painted wood set off by whitewashed walls.


I’ve already posted about the blue doors of Essaouira after my March trip but I must do so again as there are so gosh darn many gorgeous ones and they are SOOO photogenic.


Even their propane tanks are color coordinated!


Some more cool blueness


and a shot of my new favorite adult beverage, Campari and fresh-squeezed orange juice over ice. Is that our handsome horseman in the background?

One Response to “Rhapsody in Blue”

  1. Gillian @ Indigo Blue Says:

    Your photos are amazing! I’d love to visit Essaouira one day!
    I saw the work you did through Maryam’s blog…what intricate and aesthetically stunning work your team produces. I am sure you were busy before, but once people read those blog entries you may have quite a few more clients lined up!!! Well done.