Soon enough, the guest houses that make up Peacock Pavilions will be filled with exotic carpets and leather poufs, fluffed with down pillows and sequined vintage wedding blankets, buffed with silver vases filled with fresh flowers and sugary Moroccan mint tea. The plaster walls will reflect light from custom-made pierced metal sconces and pendants and Maryam will delight in making everything “just so”. For now though, Chris the architect husband is testing his talents for patience and perserverance as he fashions and finesses the glorious architecture that will house their family, Maryam’s delightful treasures and lucky visitors. It hasn’t been easy-and every day brings new challenges-but just look at what a fabulous job he has done!

Peacock Pavilions

Each of the three buildings boasts its own unique architectural details, while maintaining a connection to the land, the sky and its sister buildings. Each is filled with delightful nooks, crannies, arches, domes that are so visually strong they require no further need for decoration. And yet…..;)

Photos by Becky Roth and Debbie Hayes

7 Responses to “Perspectives on Peacock Pavilions”

  1. Thersa B Giffin Says:

    Lovely! What an incredible touch of detail. I love the different shapes and sizes of the various openings. (not sure of the architecurally correct words)

    Wonderful photos Debbie and Becky! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Hi Thersa! Yes, they are full of interesting and exotic details-and you can imagine the difficulty of building in a country where they still make their own ladders by lashing together pieces of wood!

  3. jenni Says:

    Amazing! Lovely! Wonderful!

  4. Becky Roth Says:

    Thanks for a great trip Melanie,Maryam, and Chris.
    I love reading all your posts. It makes me happy and sad.
    I had such a great time and never thought I would miss Morocco sooo much. Maybe it was the company, maybe the great food and restaurants, the sensory overload……not sure… But I did buy a new mint plant today to relive the mint tea experience and used my black soap and argan oil.
    I will go through my pics again and again-this trip was the ultimate adventure.

  5. Yoli Says:

    That is breathtaking. Her husband is so talented. What he has built is out of a dream. This place holds magic and will be so successful. Thank you for posting.

  6. Lyna Wan Says:

    OMG. The buildings are so georgeous. I hope Maryam will find her landscapper soon. It must be glorious with plants and flowers around.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    These are super pictures of Peacock Pavilions!
    I know Maryam and Chris are thrilled with the decorations.
    It is a most amazing project which we have been lucky enough to follow as it goes along.
    A very MAGIC place!