April 29th, 2008

Glamour Glass

Our new studio has a little “kitchen” area with cabinets and a countertop. I had them install stock cabinets from Lowe’s and a simple black formica countertop. This was more of a budget than design decision (story of my life!) and of course provides the opportunity for yet another painting project. The cabinets will get some sort of eggplanty finish on them with patinated mirrors (cut to size) on the upper doors. For the countertop, I opted to do something simple. It’s all relative! *Simple* turns out to be getting a large piece of glass cut to size. Of course I didn’t take careful enough measurements and the builders didn’t take care to make anything plumb or square in the building so my nice square-cornered glass has a slight *fit* problem. What to do? Distract the eye like crazy!


I had a classic Moroccan zelij tile pattern cut and placed it on the back side of the 2′ x 7′ glass to do some reverse gilding with the new Celestial Leaf (colors: Dawn, Moonbeam and Twilight again). I used our Marquetry Weed technique to reveal different areas one at a time which receive a different color leaf.


When it’s all done and dry it receives multiple coats of black lacquer spray paint….


gets flipped over and viola! we now have a lovely surface that is easy to clean (and check out your hair in). This is a really quick and easy finish and can be applied to any piece of furniture that you can lay a piece of glass on!

3 Responses to “Glamour Glass”

  1. Kim l. Says:

    Too cool. The tile pattern cut was done by Modello? Love it. When is it for sale? Just finished doing a redo of a room with a Moroccan theme, and found a cool site on the geometric design of Islamic architecture. If you haven’t seen it already, it is http://www.broug.com/book.html.

  2. tawni urrutia Says:

    Can you please tell where I can find a stencil set pattern such as the one you used in the “Glamour Glass”. I love that!!!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Thanks Tawni! That is one of our Modello Patterns. It it from the Eastern Allover collection. http://www.modellodesigns.com