April 26th, 2008

Breakin in the Studio

Finally! The sound of laughter, paint talk and trowelling has been ringing through the studio as we have just held our first classes here the last couple of weeks.


I had a great group of 10 for the ever-popular SkimStone/Modello class, which is one of my favorite to teach because it only involves one product! It’s amazing how many different looks you can get by changing colors, patterns and application techniques.


Here is the lovely Diane (with the also lovely Julie) modeling her cool new Operation Decoration t-shirt. Wonder where she got that?


They were a dedicated bunch who teamed up and stayed late to work on not one, but two Concrete Carpet designs, which will be hung in the front stair landing.


I love the old crusty look of the Ibiza…


and the fresh color scheme of this one, a new pattern we have coming out with our new Design Library Binder. Thank you guys for a great inagural class!

4 Responses to “Breakin in the Studio”

  1. Susan Allemand Says:

    Congrats Melanie! What a great feeling of finally having classes once again. Your studio is beautiful and I love the samples! All your endless hours and hardwork has paid off.


  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    You killed us Melanie!!! I came back exhausted. But I had a great time learning with all the other people in the class. It seemed as though everyone had such great talents in many different directions that it wasn’t enough time to get to know everyone. It’s like we all flew in and flew out!!
    Thanks for the great class,

  3. Melanie Says:

    You were hanging in there pretty good, Jan! I DID keep you guys really busy, though. Trying to keep Andy out of trouble :)

  4. Barbara Klein Says:

    Dear Melanie, Thanks so much for the wonderful class. You and your staff have done a beautiful job on the new studio and everyone was so nice. Hope to be able to take future classes and will let you know when everything is approved for the Design Center. Thanks again Your Friend, Barbar Klein