February 12th, 2008

View from the Throne

We are finally getting round to putting the finishing touches on the Celestial Powder Bath. The thing is, once you start to go “over the top” with surface decoration in a room it becomes a runaway train. With extravagently decorated walls, you simply can’t leave other surfaces untouched. They stick out like an ugly sore thumb. And so, we have moved on to the hardware and the inside of the plain white door. As the back of the door will only really be seen when the facilities are “in use”, I imagine that this will become our most popular bathroom in the building. (Once the door is back on, of course). Here is the design-


And here are the samples to test some possible color variations. I will actually be adding some dark brown areas to really punch up the Celestial Leaf colors.

Turkish Modello Door Samples with Celestial Leaf

The Celestial Leaf is one of my new favorites toys! There are nine color variations that the manufacturer in Italy has come up with through a special heat treating process they’ve developed. I seem to keep gravitating to the colors Dawn, Moonbeam and Twilight, which are seen in the samples above, but they are all quite gorgeous!

6 Responses to “View from the Throne”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Wow, that is so pretty! Just found your blog, I am going to have to add it to my daily visiting now. So much to see! :)

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Totally awesome Melanie!!! You never cease to amaze me. Could you tell us which modellos these are???

  3. Melanie Says:

    Welcome Aimee! Thanks Jan! That is a new design. I seem to always want something “new” for my own projects. Even though I have never had the opportunity to use most of the designs, just looking at them all the time makes them seem “old” to me. Since that design was just approved it is not on the website yet, but WILL be next week under Eastern/Panels. Glad you like!

  4. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. You know I have to give your organization a plug as well as you. I was just telling my husband the other day how much I appreciated the organizational skills that you have in getting product to your customers. They are the greatest!!! Also your willingness to share what you know with people is awesome because you know ultimately it will come back to you 2 fold. Thanks so much!!

  5. Thersa Says:

    Gee Melanie, your space is incredible. I look forward to visiting Ca this summer. Hope I will be able to see all of your creations while I’m there.

    Thank you for you inovations in the field of design!

  6. stephanie Says:

    Glad to have found you in this world wide web because of Maryam! I’ll be anxiouly watching for the magic you weave at the Peacock Pavillions!