February 7th, 2008

The Insanity Continues….

Your’e familiar with the K.I.S.S method? Keep it simple stupid! That just doesn’t seem to fly around here. Wow, it would have been SO easy to just stencil a nice simple border design around the edges of the hardwood floor in my office. That way, I might actually be WRITING this from a real office instead of setting up a makeshift desk out in the hallway. But no-o-o-o, I had to fall in love with this classic, historical oriental design and the challenge of actually being able to do something with it! We decided to make it work with our Modello Marquetry Masking System, wherein we just weed a portion of the design to start and then remove certain elements for certain colors and apply stain in a sequence of layers. Well, I think it took a month or so just to get the design to work, cut correctly and fit together properly, but Lauren and Miguel came through and guess what? It works!! It’s not actually DONE yet, but I feel so thrilled that we’ve gotten through the hardest part (getting it to work and getting it laid down) that I feel compelled to share…..


Here is the design in all its dizzying glory being puzzle-pieced together and how it looks tonight whilst awaiting the first layer of stain.

Modello Marquetry

Just so you have an idea WHY I even wanted to do this in the first place, here are the color samples I did. Each one was colored and weeded a little differently. Can you see?? Can you find Waldo? If you do, I’ll give you a million dollars. No kidding! 

4 Responses to “The Insanity Continues….”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    OH MY, this is superb! Melissa must have felt a little snow blindness looking at that pattern for hours and hours. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Melanie, you are amazing… to be one little neuron in your brain would be such a treat! The eye candy continues….

  2. Thersa Says:

    When will this system be available? I love it!!

    Your staff must be incredible to keep up with your energetic designs. Amazing.

  3. Melanie Says:

    We got the next layer of stain down friday. Taking the weekend off to enjoy the San Diego 70 degree weather! Next we will weed out the areas we want to be the next lightest color and repeat that step twice. Thersa-I’m working on it :)

    We are redoing the whole Design Library so all this will hopefully come together in the next couple of months. You can imagine how scattered and stretched we are with so many projects. I’m sure my staff thinks I’m nuts and that I drive THEM crazy-but, thankfully, they keep hanging in there!

  4. bathrooms Says:

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