January 23rd, 2008

Singing Walls

Susan Bickford of Singing Walls in Nashville does really exquisite, high quality work as you can see from the photos on her website. Nice flash on that site intro BTW!

Modello Ceiling

This ceiling treatment that she did with one of my favorite Modello patterns, OrnCen162 is a prime example. To me, color selection is key to creating an elegant treatment that looks like it was born to be in a room and this totally hits the mark.

Modello Harley Motorcycle

Susan was able to surprise her husband with a really special and personal custom art piece this past Christmas by working with Dawn on our graphic staff. An original photo of the lucky man on his Harley was used to create a custom Modello that Susan incorporated with her specialty decorative and textural finishes on framed canvas. Vrrrrm. Vrrrrm!

2 Responses to “Singing Walls”

  1. Julie Stonehouse Says:

    I think I met Susan in one of your classes in Chicago Melanie — and you’re right these rock! Thank you for sharing her work.

  2. Arlene Says:

    I met Susan at Sali convention 2 years ago, what a wonderfully talented woman! The recognition is well deserved!

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