January 22nd, 2008

A Man and His Machine

Seeing as how myself, Eric and Aaron are here in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete show I thought this would be an apropos time for this post. Aaron Knight is the go-to guy in the graphic department for our decorative concrete customers. With a fine art degree from Chico State he likes to utilize Adobe Illustrator vector art in many of his own studio projects. When it came time to contemplate what type of design to use on our concrete production room floor I gave Aaron the challenge of coming up with something that would be a little ”different”, reflect what happens in our company, and that would appeal more to men-our primary customers for decorative concrete. 

Tinguely Concept

Aaron was inspired by the work of Jean Tinguely and his scupltural machines and developed a working sketch for our floor after Tinguely’s work.

Modello Laid Out

This became a series of vector art, gears, screws, belts and other assorted ”parts”, that we worked into a “machine” that travels across our production room floor, much as our jobs flow through.

Modello with Spray Top

After many hours spent applying the various parts of the Modellos in proper order (see Aaron left) we had Ernie Archuleta (right) come and and spray Concrete Solutions Spray Top in a matter of minutes. This sprayable overlay is ideal for large-scale production as it lays down an even layer of colored concrete very quickly and we almost immediately were able to begin removing the vinyl.

Finished Modello

Some shots of various parts of the final machine.  Aaron is a man who puts alot of thought into his life and work and these were his thoughts for this project:

Machines are a refined process. This machine has been abstracted to suggest an openness to new ideas or methods. This site specific design is representative of the way I seen the different people who make up the business of Modello Designs. The design department feeds the machine with ideas. The gears turn in production to realize the idea of the designer. The finished patterns are then sent to the decorative artists who then apply their own unique twist. This machine was not meant to have one refined process, not condemned to a life spent stamping out fenders. This machine is an “idea” machine, capable of bringing together and realizing the ideas of many people.

4 Responses to “A Man and His Machine”

  1. Sigi Psimenos Says:

    Phenominal Aaron!!!!!!! And, Melanie, very savvy to appeal to this pretty much untapped market. What was the reaction?

    PS. I want that sprayer.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Wowie! Wow Wowerton!!!!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Yeah, I’ll tell you the spraying sure beat being down on your hands and knees troweling, especially for a look like this and this amount of square footate! Concrete Solutions sells the whole setup.

  4. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I have had the honor of working with Aaron on a few custom projects in the past, (See “Golden Touches” in the “New Customer Work” section)and he has never ceased to amaze me! He comes to the table ready to think outside the box. This is an incredible piece of work and a wonderful story of its conception.