January 12th, 2008

Going for Gold

In going through one of the many stacks of things I rip out of magazines I rediscovered this Elle Decor feature from months ago on the opening of the Reem Acra flagship boutique in New York. Ms. Acra’s passion and business revolves around luxury bridal and eveningwear designs. I ripped out the page not because I needed a gown (but they are gorgeous, aren’t they?!) but because it had a beautiful gold design on white floor: Unique and elegant and oddly familiar….

Reem Acra Modello Floor

After picking it up again and actually reading the copy I realized that it was the familiar work of one of our favorite decorative concrete customers, Dominick Cardone The Concrete Impressionist. One of Dom’s specialties is gilding with 24k gold on concrete and he had been sending us progress shots but we never saw the final result-until now. Isn’t this just swanky?

Reem Acra modello floor

Here’s Dom two years ago at the Artistry in Concrete event at the World of Concrete show where he used custom-designed Modellos for a 9/11 tribute-again with his special gilding techniques.

Dominick Cardone Artistry in Concrete

4 Responses to “Going for Gold”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    He has done and amazing job and both pieces look so different from each other. A mark of a true artist. It looks as though he may have done a finish including a Modello at the back of the Bridal Boutique as well, do you know? He is very talented.

  2. Alison Says:

    Very cool and creative! I love the New York custom bars he does

  3. Melanie Says:

    That is actually sandblasted glass at the back of the showroom. Not done with one of our Modellos, but you can also use them for both glass etching and light sandblasting. He DID do a different Modello on the floor in the room behind the glass, but I don’t have a photo of it finished.

  4. Janine Cardone Says:


    Ok, so it’s April and I am just seeing your blog now! Don’t know that anyone will get to see this from me.
    Beautiful photos of the Reema Acra project. I cannot believe you found finished pics! Dom and I have been asking the designer for a year now.
    I must order a back copy for the office and web site.
    Any how, just to cure the curiosity of the other bloggers I am emailing you a photo of the VIP room. Maybe you want to post it here.
    ( BTW, the Elle Decor mag stated that its a polished concrete floor) It not, its a underlay with micro-T.
    All my best
    Janine Cardone