December 16th, 2007

Fassatt Fantasy

I was entertaining the fantasy this morning that I might someday actually have time to take up needlepoint again. Back in the day (way back!) I was quite handy with pins, needles, embroidery hoops and the like. My grandmothers looked forward to their new pairs of knitted slippers, complete with pom-poms, every Christmas in my late grade school years.

A visit to Ehrman Tapestry led to a visit to the great Kaffe Fassatt’s website. I adore this man’s style and have several of his beautiful, inspiring books on my shelf. Now I am not only fantasizing about needlepoint projects….


But also knitting….


and most especially mosaic….


A girl can dream.


4 Responses to “Fassatt Fantasy”

  1. Bonnie May Says:

    My comment is color, color, color …. it makes me happy! I’m dreaming right along with you.

  2. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I too remember the simpler days when I could snuggle up in the evening with my latest cross stitch project, hooked rug, or knitting item… oh, those were the days! I love these inspirational photos, they remind me of a great pair of Betsey Johnson shoes! Keep on dreamin’ girl!

  3. Gypsy Purple Says:

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas. Wishing you and yours a prosperous 2008!!!

  4. Helen morris Says:

    I’m dreaming with you too. Thank you, that post brought welcome colour to this dreary British day. I met Kaffe years ago, he was as handsome as his creations.
    Well done to you and team for the floor in your previous post. That was an epic! Fabulous.