September 24th, 2007

Fab Floor

Well the first project for Operation Decoration (our new lobby floor) is done and it turned out FABULOUS! Not without some issues and necessary adjustments midstream, but that’s what decorative finishing and decorative concrete are all about-problem solving!

The incredible Bob Harris, with his equally incredible lady LeeAnne and right hand man Mark came in to teach a class of 18 people who got to see the process and work a bit on the floor. The design concept was scattered, layered tiles over an acid stained floor that would be done using three different techniques.


Here is my very helpful friend Jackie putting the finishing touches on getting the Modello ready on the floor. This was our largest tile! One of the students is shown using an integrally colored overlay to thinly trowel over the surface to create a slightly raised image.


After drying, we hit the floor en masse to remove the Modello patterns so we could continue on with the next “layers” of tiles. The next series was airbrushed using thin layers of solvent dyes. We let Bob handle this part!


I was too busy doing the etching on the last series of tiles to think about pictures but the lighter tiles you see were accomplished by using a gelled acid through the Modellos to remove the stain from the surface. As we were going for a distressed, antiquated look we just left the acid on the surface for a few minutes.


This was actually a huge project that was completed in 2 1/2 days. I can’t give enough credit to Bob (thanks for being so flexible!!!), LeeAnne, Mark, Jackie, John and the rest of the students who got their hands in on this amazing floor project. Now, I’m off to cover it up with heavy contractor’s paper so nothing happens to it over the next couple of months worth of decorating projects there. Next-the walls!

8 Responses to “Fab Floor”

  1. Jean Says:

    The floor look GREAT and will make a good first impression How nice that you have all these wonderful people to help you

  2. Bonnie May Says:

    You must be so happy and pleased. All I can say is WOW … more beautiful than ever. California, here I come, next Spring, save some walls for me! Pretty please. :) Bon

  3. Cathy Seiffert Says:


  4. susan allemand Says:

    I love the array of colors and patterns. Absolutely Beautiful!!

    Great job to all!!


  5. Lesley Cangialosi Says:

    Absolutely lovely girl!!!!! Do you ever sleep?

  6. Bari Says:

    Amazing! Oooof! I’ve got to get started on this house!

  7. Maryam in Marrakesh Says:

    Can someone get out here and pick my jaw up off the floor…..yowza.

  8. fana Says:

    Iam really in love with your blog…. Keep up your good work !!