September 15th, 2007

Ceiling Extravaganza

I recently put the call out for some more customer ceiling photos on the painting message boards. You see, I’ve been honored and invited to participate at the higly anticipated Meeting of the Masters as both an exhibiting “master” and a presenter. Unfortunately, this falls right on the heels of my Italy trip so I will be stopping there ON THE WAY home. Not much time to prepare on the front end either with a million other projects happening simultaneously so I thought it would be just brilliant (and somewhat easy) to simply do a powerpoint presentation on all of the great things our customers have been doing on ceilings with our Modellos. BTW if you watch the video of the last event on the Meeting of the Masters site you get to see me blabbing while I wave my arms around wildly. Note to self: Put hands in pockets next time.

And without further ado, some recently received photos from Rhonda Canales-

Modello Shabby Chateau


Modello Shabby Chateau Detail

From Kathy Enguita-

Modello Barrel Ceiling

From Julie Worthy-

Modello Dome

All gorgeous, and let me tell you ceilings are NO piece of cake to decorate. Bravo!


One Response to “Ceiling Extravaganza”

  1. susan allemand Says:

    Beautiful Work Ladies!!