September 14th, 2007

Pretty Petals

I was just quickly playing around with a petal pattern this evening, trying to get something out that’s been rolling around in my head and I’m so tickled I thought I’d quickly share-

Modello Petal Border

These are the same petal shapes we used in the title bars on this blog, but I layered them up, added a center and trimmed them out in a positive/negative pattern (on the computer). This will get painted in b&w around Lauren’s office ceiling to tie all the black beams together. This is just the beginning of the design for this room. It has lime green maroleum floors (very cool) and is going to be super fun to decorate!

3 Responses to “Pretty Petals”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Lauren is one lucky gal!!! This space is going to be gorgeous. I love lime green with black and white.

  2. joAnn Romano Says:

    Cio Bella! Im looking forward to seeing you, Gary, Suzi, Lisa and all the other familiar faces from Italy 2005 at this year’s Master Convention! I was reading the pages of your website and was emensly inspired by the photos of your recent work posted here….wow! You are amazingly gifted in design. The pretty petels stencil really blew me away–I’ve been looking for that exact visual punch for a contemporary teenage girls room and there it was, as plain as black and white–the perfect design. Thats when I decided to drop you a note to say thank you…and to remind you (Im certian I am not the first to say) that your personal contribution to the trade that I so deeply enjoy and love to immurse myself into on a daily basis has been enhanced beyond decription thanks to one very busy, yet divinely creative lady, YOU! Your design flair and style has enabled myself and countless other decorative artists to create visually stunning living spaces limited only by our own imaginations. And for that I (we) are forever grateful. Have a great trip- see you in Texas! JoAnn Romano
    PS: Can I buy the pretty petals design in a stencil or a modello yet? :)
    PSS Congrats on the new studio!! Also I love the logo!! I am in the same “Operation Decoration Mode” as I prepare to launch my new 4500 sq ft Faux Finish Showroom and Design Center in the burbs of Kansas City. Whole lotta fun/work!

  3. Lalla Lydia Says:

    I like the effect of this simple design -I think it will be very striking when completed as you described; could you do an update on that project too, once it’s done? It would be lovely to see.