July 30th, 2007

Kathy Carroll Shoutout

I just spent the weekend in the Chicago area at my friend Kathy Carroll’s studio, The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. Kathy was so kind to invite me there to help familiarize me with the Oikos product line and allow me to make samples for our upcoming Italy trip using those products. You see, we’ve decided to use Italian plasters, available in Florence, for our projects there and Oikos is one of the largest decorative coatings manufacturers there in Italy.

Not only did she provide me with her space and product knowledge, Kathy even blessed me with her two EXTREMELY good assistants Jennifer and Jenna, who were kept busy custom tinting quarts of Travertino, Marmorino and Veltura alla Calce for me to test out techniques and color palettes. They are shipping the samples back to me this week, so I will photo and post them later this week. Meanwhile, here are some photos from Kathy’s studio.

Melanie Royals and Kathy Carroll

Me playing/working and me and Kathy trying to get a good photo of the both of us before I rushed off to catch a plane. We gave up after 5 tries!

Oikos Plaster samples
Oikos Samples

Some of Kathy’s cool Oikos plaster samples I found around her studio. Kathy carries a wide range of products and teaches classes on all of them! www.fauxbykathy.com.

One Response to “Kathy Carroll Shoutout”

  1. Patty Says:

    Melanie, the samples look great, especially like the first and last. We’re trying to plan a trip to Chicago to play with Kathy – shes amazing – will have to make sure some Oikos plaster is on the list!

    PS- this blog site is a joy to read. Always something new and fresh and exciting… does your mind ever go to sleep?