June 14th, 2007

Ode to Evelyn

I was going through some old, old porfolios the other day that have photos of work that I did when I first started “my business” in the mid-80′s. Really dating myself here! I thought it might be fun to share some things that I did with one of my first and definitely my most influential client: Evely Tasch.

Stencils Evelyn 4

Evelyn and her husband had just retired to San Diego from Connecticut. She had been a highly popular and well-known ID in the 60′s and 70′s, working quite a bit designing showrooms on  Madison Ave. and for people with last names like Rockefellor. She was a quite a character. You know the type, clipping coupons in her old bathrobe in a room filled with priceless antiques and heirlooms.

Stencils Evelyn 3

What a design style though! I have never met anyone that loved to layer patterns and motifs more than Evelyn. Were it not for meeting her, I might have stuck with boring stenciling applications forever.

Stencils Evelyn 2

In her second house I worked in she painted the real adobe walls out in white and upholstered pink gingham fabric with embroidered trim between the green painted beams on the 25′ high ceiling. Of course I had to stencil gingham everywhere and she was really not happy with the place until every surface had some amazing and fanciful decoration applied to it.


Stencils Evelyn 1

It was the kind of house you just had to “be” in to appreciate the full effect, which I loved! I think if you are going to commit to pattern you need to go no holds barred. Evelyn WAS committed. I so appreciate the opportunity to have experienced that.

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