May 8th, 2007

More Mongiardino


I promised you some more photos from Roomscapes. My favorite thing in the book are all the little, detailed photos of the maquettes he created as he was forming his vision for his client’s rooms, many in just 1:50 scale. I think that this tent effect could be just the thing I will need to cover up some somewhat ugly exposed ceiling spaces in the new studio!


These maquettes were/are used to develop correct color relationships and explore pattern, scale and placement. They remind me of little make-believe houses I would like to just crawl into and play in-probably with crayons and coloring books.


My favorite room photo is this one below as it features an interplay of a theme of patterns that compliiment and contrast with each. This is similar to what I plan to do in my Kimono collage office. I HAVE ordered the paper for that BTW!! I am going to do the design work in my studio and have it trimmed and installed on site. I’m considering doing of line of handpainted papers, so this will be a good chance to experiment!


2 Responses to “More Mongiardino”

  1. Helen morris Says:

    I think your kimono collage will be stunning. When I moved into my office in a converted barn I used the tent idea from the Roomscapes book. I really like the black and white decoration in your next post too.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Helen-We will have exposed trussing and ductwork etc. in our loft area. Sometimes that can look really cool, but I think stenciled and banded fabric will be much better. Will probably have to wait till AFTER the fire marshall inspection though!