April 27th, 2007

Roman Wall Painting


An absolutely magnificent book on Roman wall paintings is Domus: Wall Painting in the Roman House. It features very large, detailed and stunning pictures (WAY better than mine!) of numerous excavated villas in Pompeii and includes both the Villa Farnesina and Villa Livia from Rome. It’s a bit expensive, but well worth it as a collectors item and source of design and color inspiration!

2 Responses to “Roman Wall Painting”

  1. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Ooh lala!!! Looks like a great reference!! This sort of work, and the images you shared of Villa Farnesina is ultimately so beautiful and fascinating to the eye. I feel awestruck when visually absorbing it….good feeling…the adrenaline of inspiration!! I’m amazed at the level of sophistication in design and technique achieved by the “ancient artists.” Always interesting to learn, and spring from the vaults of art history — in terms of what you can apply to “modern day” projects. Thank you so much Melanie for sharing this with everyone! I’m heading to Barnes & Noble to place my book order…another great reference for the studio.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Yes, it’s very inspiring and also VERY humbling. I love the delicacy of the designs but mostly the intense colors. No beige and gray!