March 2nd, 2007

Amazing Mosaic Site

I somehow stumbled across an amazing blog on Mosaic Art today, mosaicartsource. This is definitely one to bookmark for future design reference and inspiration. It seems to be endless. There are so many images on each page, don’t EVEN go if you still have dial up. Just a few images here….


March 1st, 2007

New Babies

We had a great SkimStone class here last week. A very nice group of people (as usual!) and they were very excited about the product and what they could do with it on floors, countertops, etc. It’s nice to really dig into a single specific medium/product and really explore it, so I always really enjoy teaching this class.


I had to excite myself with some new samples for this class though, as I had been teaching the same ones for a LONG time. The old ones were really pretty and when I showed them to this class they OOOh’d and AAAh’d quite appropriately. Maybe they’ll reappear for a comeback tour some day! I’ll stick with these fresh guys for awhile. Modern Masters came out with some new colors for their taking over distribution of the line, which is now in effect. You should be able to find SkimStone at your local independant paint store that distributes Modern Masters products. I am really loving the Sante Fe Pottery, Spa Blue and Toasted Almond as seen in the Terra Cotta Tile on the upper right. The Plum Blossom design, upper left, it a similar look to what I have planned for my home office-only really big and graphic across the floor. You can’t tell from the photo, but the flowers and leaves are highlighted with gold and silver mica powder that was suspended in the topcoat and troweled on.