March 15th, 2007

Wood you, could you

I generally write an article for each quarterly issue of The Faux Finisher magazine. The one I submitted last week (and due out beg. of April) was on wood design treatments. I am planning on having a couple of wood floors installed at the new building to do some crazy cool stuff on, but not ready to reveal that yet. :) Here are a couple of photos that I used in the article.


The one on the left was done by my good friend Gary Lord in HIS new studio, Prismatic Painting. I have loved this design setup since we created it and was thrilled to see someone attack it. I had envisioned it for a coffered ceiling, but think it is fabulous on the floor as well. The photo on the right was done by a customer, Joan Kingsbury and I love the simple elegance of the geometric pattern.


This one is a sample I did for another coffered ceiling panel idea. These were all done with water-based wood stains and it is almost ridiculously easy when using Modello patterns. Look for the article, it has a step by step lesson!

One Response to “Wood you, could you”

  1. Chris Elliott-Davis Says:

    Melanie, I am doing an entire house in Arts & Crafts Design. I would like a square tile stencil or Modello to use on a gentleman’s office floor. Any ideas?

    Thank you and best,
    Chris Davis
    Studio Redwood, Inc.
    Sparta & Roaring Gap, NC