February 27th, 2007

Tribal Vibes

Primitive art is probably something that doesn’t fit too well into most decorating schemes, but the graphic quality it posesses can work really nicely for clean, contemporary looks.


I created this column design for my friend and partner in the Art of Living project, Barb Skivington for her new loft space. This huge pillar is quite central in her living room/kitchen area and the custom Modello pattern was designed to fit seamlessly, so that it looks good from every side.


For my SkimStone class last week, I wanted to try something different for our “class carpet” project and I have been itching to do something with one of our new tribal panel designs. I think at first some of the students were a bit put off because it wasn’t a traditional look, but we had a lot of fun with the color scheme and the freedom to play with the design.


Coincidentally, one of our customer’s, Chris Zill, sent these completed furniture photos to me on the first day of class-more traditional designs but with the color scheme and treatment they looked quite African to me and we found these to be a good source of inspiration for the tribal carpet. 

2 Responses to “Tribal Vibes”

  1. heather moss Says:

    These are beautiful !
    As usual, your work ,and the work that comes from your students, are tremendous inspirations-
    I cannot wait to see the ongoing projects in your new studio -
    Barb’s column is gorgeous – what did she use for the base under the design ?
    Are the walls done in the same product?
    take care-

  2. Melanie Says:

    Hi Heather. Barb’s column was all done with Lusterstone. I believe that her walls are Marmorino.