February 15th, 2007

Yeah! Studio time

I just CAN’T WAIT until we get to started decorating (beg. of May) and move into our new building (beg. of July). Right now, I have my business spread out over three buildings in the business park where we are currently leasing. My studio is the farthest away and I never seem to get over there lately. It’s actually not the most appealing place, anyway. As my friend Kari says, “It’s never gotten any love”. I am so looking foward to having everything together and making it all pretty and wonderful and ALL MINE.


I did get in there last week, though, to create some new samples for the Modello Class that I teach. When you teach the same class samples over and over it starts to get a little TOO routine (for me, not them!) and I really wanted to stretch out a little. So, I ended up mixing it up and came up with these, among others. We are definitely going to be having some wood floors put in the new building so I wanted to experiment with some different stain colors for the inlaid marquetry effect that we do. My favorite, though is the Venetian Plaster finish on the bottom right. It uses a negative, embedded image (an innie) of a floral design balance with a stronger positive image (an outie). Burnishing the plaster brings out the faint image as the trowel hits the high areas where the plaster has built up around the pattern. Subtle, but very cool. I am imagining a whole wall done with botanical images in this tone-on-tone effect.  This weekend it’s all new SkimStone sample!

One Response to “Yeah! Studio time”

  1. Alison Says:

    I love the one on the bottom right. Very pretty. I’d love to have some stencils like this in my small office room. I love the idea of a set of graphics specific to the space.

    Good luck with organizing the studio move. I know what thats like! I’ll be seeing you soon.