February 2nd, 2007

Golden Girls

I have been working somewhat diligently today on updating the Showcase area on the Modello website with new customer photos and wondering about a couple of things. 1. Why did I put this off to the point where it is now more than 6 months since the last update and the size of the pile is making me grumpy and craving a glass of wine (whine!), and 2. Why don’t I have someone else doing this?. Upon brief consideration I can answer that 1. Because my brain is faster than my hands can keep up with.  I take on too much stuff and 2. I like to keep in touch with what our customers are coming up with in using our designs. Plus I am still a bit of a control freak. At any rate, I thought you might like to enjoy a little eye candy. These projects were done by the team that makes up Custom Design Gallery, Susan and Todd Allemand and Rhonda Canales.


Rhonda, a very talented artist and teacher herself, came and took my class some time ago and they have been incorporating Modellos into many of their residential projects. This grand staircase design features an adaptation of one of our Carpet/Panel patterns, the Chateau.


These finishes are done with a Distressed Gold Inlay technique. It is somewhat amusing to me to note that this Bacchanalian girl, part of a series, was originally design with her breasts showing. Apparently many people were having a hard time with this kind of exposure and all of the girls are now available in a PG format.

2 Responses to “Golden Girls”

  1. Susan Allemand Says:


    What an honor it is to be included on your blog and website. It is you, that inspires us, to create these amazing finishes for our clients. I truly look forward to meeting you soon!

    Kindest regards,

    Susan Allemand

  2. Melanie Says:


    Looking forward to meeting you as well. Perhaps at the SALI Convention in July?? Keep those photos coming…..