January 10th, 2007

Color Your World

For this recent project we were looking for some good ideas for color schemes for some print material. While we have all the Pantone color decks, they can be a little cumbersome to work with, particularly when you are trying to see how colors from different parts of the deck look together. Lauren, my creative assistant/layout artist found a great book

book1.jpgGlobal Color: 750 Color Combinations in CMYK and RGB from Around the World

I really love how this book features designs for REAL things; wallpaper, rugs, tiles, prints, etc. and breaks down the possible color schemes from them.

While most color books geared toward the graphics market show color combos that would most likely work best for packaging or in a print ad, this book gives you some really pretty options that you can translate into color schemes for rooms, fine and decorative art, fabric and web design-you name it! It’s fun to just flip through and absorb….


If you are working on Photoshop or Illustrator this book provides the color formulas to simply enter. Viola, instant color genius! 

One Response to “Color Your World”

  1. Debra Conrad Says:

    Ohhh… I love this. A book with the color formulas to enter into Photoshop. How cool is that?

    And a bonus…absoulutly gorgeous photos.

    I like to carry a book like this when on a client visit. Sometimes…a little mood photo will help a client choose a scheme they will love for a very long time.

    Great Choice! Thanks
    THAT Painter Lady