January 7th, 2007

Celebrating Three Years

This month we are celebrating finishing up our third year at Modello Designs. This business developed out of my desire to create and offer a new medium and new options for decorative painters to apply pattern and design in their projects-and a new creative “toy” for myself to play with. Expanding on the techniques and applications developed over the years through the traditional stenciling of Royal Design Studio, the Decorative Masking Pattern medium (as we have named it), has opened up a whole new world that keeps exponentially expanding! Cutting designs from one-time-use vinyl allows for many additional options: Working on the positive or negative space, incorporating designs not possible or practical with a traditional stencil, and producing patterns “on demand” to any size (including very LARGE scale).


This photo montage is from the Showcase area of the website and features some of the finishes that decorate our offices as well as the talents of our customers. It is really wonderfully fulfilling to see an idea transformed to a design that transforms a room or surface in the hands of a creative artisan. Please keep those pictures coming! I hope to get a whole new round of customer artwork up on the Modello site in the next week or so.

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