December 28th, 2006

Modern Masters Project

One of my reasons for starting a blog is that I thought it would be fun to track my ongoing projects online. Great idea in theory! I am just wrapping up a project that was so intense and time consuming that I didn’t really have time to blog about it-or much else for that matter!

Due to the nature of my business-selling designs and new ideas for decorative painters-it naturally follows that I have always featured and thus promoted the products that I use for my techniques. BIG bonus for them. When Modern Masters recently approached me about hiring me to produce a line of stencils and series of finishes that incorporates their decorative finishing product line, of course I said yes. Designing finishes is what I do. Getting paid?? Great concept!


So, 20 new stencil designs and 36 photographed step-by-step finishes later (yes, 36!) I now have the time and energy to write about it. Each finish was done on a large piece of styrene in my studio. With my trusty tripod and camera set to 10 seconds I was able to get hundreds of photographs of me in unflattering positions holding a brush, a roller, a trowel, cheesecloth, etc. Fortunately, we are cropping me OUT of all photos!

I did develop a fondness for the sponge roller, shown above, as we were able to get some really pretty paint finishes by layering and softening colors. This one was just Metallic Pearl over an off-white paint in a couple of layers that creates a soft, organic texture with a lot of depth. I have learned to love easy!

4 Responses to “Modern Masters Project”

  1. Connie Brown Says:


    I can’t wait for your series to be ready for me to purchase. You are an amazing artist with a great teaching style.

    I stand in awe!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Thank you Connie! I hope that they get it out quickly. It’s a little different dealing with a “corporate entity”. I am used to driving-and fast! :)


  3. heather moss Says:

    I cannot wait to see this new series – I have always loved all your designs and work!I am constantly amazed at how much you are able to do, yet you still claim to sleep -
    How do you do it??
    I wanted to ask you about the sponge roller-
    I love it too , however ,mine always seem to fall apart or come unravelled-
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks !!

  4. Melanie Says:

    Heather-buy them buy the dozen? Yes, they do seem to chunk off a bit, just like all sea sponges! I think it’s a little too stressful for the sponge to get wrapped that tightly but I just try to be careful cleaning them and realize that they are an expendable tool.

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